Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is the month of love and history!

February is a month filled with events and celebration in our house. If you were to ask my daughter, I'm sure she'll tell you that the end of the month is much more important than the beginning (her birthday is the 26th.). But, never-the-less, between celebratory programs that highlight the contributions of our ancestors and forefathers and this season of love, I seem to be running from one activity to another.

Yesterday, I had the honor to attend a book signing in Southfield, Michigan, sponsored by the PageTurners. The guest author was Danielle L. McGuire, assistant professor in the History Department at Wayne State University, who wrote "At the Dark End of the Street". There were a number of book clubs represented in the audience. We celebrated our abilities to openly read and gather information about OUR history. Never will we take for granted the strength of our ancestors that realized the importance of the written word. We THANK these freedom fighters for standing tall, often in the presence of personal danger to ensure that we can walk into any store and choose a book of our choice to revel and marvel at their courage. Ms. McGuire has written an account of our history that is both painful to read yet courageous in its ability to deliver yet another example of redemption and triumph. If you haven't already signed up for Scraps of Color: E:Spire, please hop on over to: and download your free copy of our inaugural issue. Please enjoy these pages from a mini-album I've created to honor my mother,and the women that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her in the thirties. It gives me such great pleasure to combine the craft of scrap booking to honor folks in my family for future generations to look at, talk about and enjoy. Happy February!


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