Thursday, September 16, 2010

Card Box

One of the local scrapbook stores I taught at closed. A big sob. The good news is that I stay in contact with all of the wonderful, creative souls that keep me inspired. A few weeks ago we all met at the owner's home and learned to make this wonderful little holder. It's actually a card box meant to hold a set of cards to have on hand for special occasions. You know, when we need a card in a hurry and never have one made. I have been hard at work creating these little treasures like crazy. I think the box, with a themed set of cards and perhaps a book of stamps will be my gifts for the upcoming season. One friend is a quilter so I've chosen a theme of stitches, material and sewing for her box. The body of the box can be cut from one 12x12 piece of heavy card stock. The lid takes another piece approximately 8x12 in size. Come back next week to see the cards I'll create to sit inside the box. Just luv, luv, luv this little box!


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